I just wanted to drop you a line and say a massive thanks for the photo course just gone.
14 years ago myself and hubby went to Tasmania, and I was so upset that I didn’t get a single ‘good’ photo.  This time around, armed with your advice, I’m pleased to report that I have a bucket load of good photos!!  It was a joy to take the holiday, knowing that I had a reasonable chance of capturing the shot I wanted.  So again, thank you. I really enjoyed the sessions and the proof is in the photos from the last three weeks.

Emily C

Mitch’s infectious passion for photography infused each session with extremely accessible information which built and layered with each weeks exercises.  Besides learning what the camera was capable of and how to switch to manual for good, I found I was seeing differently and noticing the world in a different way.  I thoroughly recommend Mitch and their professionally run, fun With Camera in Hand DSLR courses.  Just do it!!


“Really enjoyed Mitch’s DSLR course, everything was explained in detail and in a way we understood and Mitch was a lovely person to be around, would defiantly highly recommend!”


“This has been a thoroughly fantastic course. You have a very good manner & patience… I have learnt a lot of practical skills which is why I enrolled in the first place. Thank you.”

J.Phillips, 2014

“Loved this workshop for many reasons – thoroughly enjoyed the philosophy through to the technical approach”

J.Osborn, 2014

“This course gave me a really good understanding of how my camera works and provided the skills I need to be able to photograph well in a range of settings and has given me the confidence to take my camera of Auto mode.”

Deneale. D

“The Power is Yours……Michelle enable me to go from totally shooting photos in auto mode to being confident enough to move to manual and want to stay there…..learning from our mistakes and her encouragement of group discussions and sharing her passion is inspiring. I would encourage anyone with a desire to master their camera to get in touch with Michelle and let her guide you, excite you and celebrate your learning with you.”