Across four organisations I have worked with Mitch and value greatly their ability to empathise, define and develop your ideas into an outcome that achieves your goals and objectives but also makes a deep connection between your film or still project and the audience who you are wanting to connect too. Always a pleasure to collaborate with.

Sofia Fiusco – Associate Director, TECH school

I’ve had the privilege of working with Mitch on a number of projects and the result is always outstanding. Mitch is incredibly intuitive in their work, whilst shooting to a tight and complicated schedule, they are still able to capture additional insights and moments that really enhance the project. Working with Mitch on projects that cover very sensitive subjects and multiple stakeholders is incredibly easy, they are able to be insightful and responsive without being intrusive. I greatly appreciate Mitch’s responsiveness and their capacity to manage multiple competing (and rapidly changing) client priorities. They produce beautiful, insightful films and pictures that are an incredible asset to any organisation.
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Mel Schoo – Superfriend

I’d like to let you know that I really enjoyed the two hour photography workshop on Monday evening!  Although I’ve done one other 3-day workshop…and I’ve tried to teach myself a bit from books, I came away from your workshop with a real sense of “aha!”  Now I get some fairly basic things that I’d been approaching wrongly (important basic things, like ISO!!)  I found your teaching style worked really well for me 🙂

June V

I just wanted to drop you a line and say a massive thanks for the photo course just gone.
14 years ago myself and hubby went to Tasmania, and I was so upset that I didn’t get a single ‘good’ photo.  This time around, armed with your advice, I’m pleased to report that I have a bucket load of good photos!!  It was a joy to take the holiday, knowing that I had a reasonable chance of capturing the shot I wanted.  So again, thank you. I really enjoyed the sessions and the proof is in the photos from the last three weeks.

Emily C

Mitch’s infectious passion for photography infused each session with extremely accessible information which built and layered with each weeks exercises.  Besides learning what the camera was capable of and how to switch to manual for good, I found I was seeing differently and noticing the world in a different way.  I thoroughly recommend Mitch and their professionally run, fun With Camera in Hand DSLR courses.  Just do it!!


“Mitch is great to work with, always very punctual and most importantly their work (images) are first class! Mitch understands very quickly and precisely what is required once briefed.

I shouldn’t really recommend them as a good photographer is a bit like a good baby sitter, keep the details to yourself!”

Ingo Reisch, CEO, Doncaster BMW

“Mitch has an uncanny ability to capture the centre of your being for three minutes, without you feeling a thing. It is not until you see yourself through their eyes, do tears fall from your own!”

Karolina Artist

“Thanks so much for the course, it was amazing… can’t wait to put your suggestions into action. The course was so professional and the ideas so well organised I loved it. It’s totally changed my photographic life!”


“These look fantastic! Thank you so much!! She is a truly inspirational person and it really shows through in these photos.”

Victoria Richards, Vision Australia

“These are brilliant.. absolutely brilliant!

IF you could see my smile, right now… I was laughing so hard the neighbour… (quite a good friend of mine) came in to see what was happening.  This is exactly what I wanted and more.”

Jo O’Callaghan, Comedian & Founder of Op Shop Tours Australia